I always loved spelling, but apparantly I didn’t pass that on to Daniel…lol. That’s been the biggest struggle so far (2 days). It hasn’t been anything major, just gets frustrated and can’t seem to stay focused. It didn’t help the Isaiah and Joshua were being a bit distracting today too. I thought that it would be best to do this subject near the beginning of our day so that it would be done and over with. However, I might try something different tomorrow. I’m wondering if it would help to wait just a bit and get into some other things first. Seems backwards, but I wonder if it would help to get things rolling and then throw that in. It seems as though it is too much to start off the day. We normally do our Bible study first and then hop into spelling. So, I’m going to try to wait a little longer before whipping out the spelling book.

We talked about the 6 days of creation today and added some hand motions to help us remember what God created each day. This was covered in our Bible study as well as in Science. He did a couple pages of Math…and yep…he can still count to 30 (that’s the required number for today, he can count MUCH higher). This math book is really starting with the basics. So, I suppose for a while we will move rather quickly.  He seems like he does quite well with Math and seemed to enjoy it last year as well. He can count by twos, fives, and tens up to 100. Adds, subtracts and this summer Dave and I were teach him some multiplication and he was doing it quite well.

Daniel got his Lego priveleges back today and he was quite excited about that. He was working on a large Star Wars ship when he got them taken away at the end of last week. The ship is just waiting for its wings.

I am also working hard to get the boys more involved in helping with chores on a regular basis. Someone usually feeds the dog and takes out recycling, but beyond that it’s been kind of random things here and there. I’m working on getting them in the habit of putting their plates in the dishwasher when they are finished eating. Today Daniel helped take the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer (has to use a stool and hang over the edge of the washer). Of course, they are expected to help pick up toys as well.

My apologies for no pictures. I’m not in the habit of taking pictures, actually I’ve never been very good about that. So, I will try to remember to get some pictures of these boys in action.

Oh…and in case you’re wondering…I have not beat the boys out of bed the last 2 days, but only because they are waking up earlier than usual ????? BUT I did set my alarm and got up and got my shower right away. Then off to breakfast and then on to school. Now to just maintain this routine.