Ok, so they weren’t tops they were gyroscopes, but tops worked better…lol!

We had another full day today. School went pretty well. We worked hard on those 6 days of creation since Daniel will have a test on that tomorrow. He seems to be getting them pretty well, so that is a good thing.

Gyroscope 2

After school, I made some lunch and Daniel, Isaiah and I went to meet Daddy while he was on his lunch break and then I delivered a bracelet to a friend. On our way home we stopped at my grandparents’ house. Grandma had discovered an OLD pair of walkie-talkies. I’m pretty sure they are older than me. The Morse code button on the worked, but they couldn’t talk to each other. Then they found an old gyroscope and had fun with that. And THEN…they found the buttons on a string. The string is looped through the button and then you can spin it on your fingers. They didn’t quite get the spin, but I’m sure they will. We were looking at the gyroscope after supper and Mom remembered that she had some as well. So she found 3 more and a Rubix cube and another puzzle thing. So they were having a good time playing with those new discoveries. Unfortunately all of the gyroscopes were out of balance so we weren’t able to play with them on a string, but still had fun watching them spin.