YAHOO! We made it through our first week without any major issues. Daniel took his first spelling test today too. And he got 20/20! That’s my boy. Even with all the whining about doing it, he did quite well.

This morning everyone seemed to wake up whiny. It was not a fun morning. We planned to go to the beach in the afternoon (waited for Grandpa who got off work early), but I considered eliminating that privilege so everyone could stay home and take naps. However, I knew that once we got to the beach things would go much better. I was right, but whew! Everyone had a wonderful time and all were tucked into bed early! And now I’m enjoying some quiet time!

I need to work on some lesson plans this weekend. And plan out a few more projects and creative ways to work on lessons. We spend most of our time at the table right now, but I think we need to add in some learning activities and projects. Daniel needs more to keep his hands busy…and not just writing. He doesn’t really like to spend much time writing at this point. I can understand that though because it’s slow, tedious work at this stage.

I had a good reminder today from Daniel. We were talking about school and he wanted to know how long I went to school. I told him that I went for 13 years and then went to college for 1 year. I told him Daddy went for 4 years. He asked why I didn’t go that long. I told him it was because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. And then corrected myself…I did know what I wanted to do…I wanted to be a wife and a mom and a college degree isn’t required for that. What better job could I ask for? I also reminded him that we are always learning–and not just when we are in school! I told him I am learning too. I love that my boys and I are starting to have these kinds of conversations. It is so exciting to see their little brains working and figuring things out.

Again, I know that there will be rough times and bumps on this little adventure, but I was reminded today that one of the reasons I’m doing this is because I want to be the one that not only helps them learn, but gets to see them begin to understand and grow in knowledge.  To move ahead when they grasp a concept and to sloooow down when they need more time. To laugh together, learn together and grow together.  Our paychecks may not be very big, but I don’t care as long as they don’t have my name on them. My “payment” is being able to be at home and do the job that I’ve always wanted to do…WIFE and MOM! I am so proud of my boys!