Daniel is our little “weather man”. Mom has a digital thermometer perched on the counter next to the spot where Daniel normally sits. He loves to tell us the indoor and outdoor temperature. Well, tonight the indoor and outdoor temps were exactly the same. Mom asked Daniel if he thought it felt the same inside as it did outside. He wasn’t sure. So, they went outside to test it out. Of course, it felt much warmer outside and mom asked him if he knew why. He told her it was because of the moisture in the air! I guess those days that we spent trying to explain humidity finally made some sense. What a perfect learning opportunity.

We didn’t get tons of schoolwork done today, we did do a some even though it was spread out a bit throughout the day. That is one of the beauties of homeschooling. And sometimes, lessons like we learned tonight are far better than only reading from our books. So, why the lack of schoolwork? Today was Isaiah’s turn at the doctor.

He was rather apprehensive about going because I had told him that he would be getting some shots. I like them to go in knowing what will happen. I don’t make a huge deal about it, I just want to make sure they kind of know what to expect. He did get two shots today. He did not cry for the first, but the nurse took a bit too long to get the second one ready and he started to cry and say no. I just held on to him and counted to three so she could get it done. That one did hurt a bit more (and has been more sore this evening). He then recieved a sticker, a pencil and a Tootsie Pop. Then Mommy took him to McDonald’s and got him a cookie. I know, food rewards aren’t a good idea, but it doesn’t happen very often.

Then we headed back to my brother’s house  to pick up Daniel and Joshua. Mom and I decided to take the kiddos to McDonald’s to play and for lunch. It has been quite some time since we visited McD’s, and they had a great time.

Tomorrow is Mommy’s turn to visit the doctor and Friday is Joshua’s turn.