Whew…this sure has been quite a full week. The only day this week that we will not have been at the doctor is Tuesday. I had my turn today and Joshua’s is tomorrow. I know he will be getting several shots and I’m not looking forward to that, but will just have to get it done and move on. He was ready to go the other day after he saw Isaiah come home with a pencil, sticker and sucker. So, I guess we’ll have to use that as his reminder. I also get to have bloodwork done while I’m there. I need to be fasting for 12 hours before having it done. Most of it is just routine stuff, but they will also be checking my thyroid. I’m praying that all goes well there.

School went pretty well today. I put Daniel to work on his spelling words at the kitchen counter while I worked on some other things in the kitchen. He still didn’t stay focused very well, but at least I wasn’t sitting there bugging him. I decided to just let him work with a small reminder from Mom every now and then. We had a great discussion about the Good Samaritan as well.

Oh yes, we finally got some much needed rain today. And the kiddos went out and played in it for awhile.

Watch out! Light saber “fights”


Brianna (my niece):

Colin (my nephew) busy watching them play in the rain:

This is what Daniel and Isaiah were working on while supper was being prepared. They were quite proud of the Star Wars “set” they had made:

We had my grandparents over tonight for supper. We enjoyed some DELICIOUS steak on the grill, grilled veggies, taters and beer bread. After dinner the “grown-ups” were sitting around the table visiting when Daniel came in and tried to describe the cool “grasshopper” type bug they had discovered. He tried his best to explain it and we thought maybe it was a praying mantis. So Mom grabbed the camera and headed out to inspect what they had found.  And here is what is was:

A Katydid. They had fun watching him for quite some time.

Oh…and Mr. Joshua wore “unnies” as he calls them (underwear) for most of the day. We did have to change them several times, but hey, not bad for the first day trying.

And now my friends, I’m pooped! And no wonder after looking at this full post…lol I’m going to tuck in the last 2 boys (they got to stay up later because they took naps) and try to get some rest for myself. Thanks for sharing in our day!