I happened to stop at a garage sale on the way home from the Blueberry Festival. And happened on some goodies. Actually, I wouldn’t have stopped, but Mom wanted a drink so we were in the McD’s drive thru when I spotted this from afar:

And this little baby only cost me $3!!!!! There was another little girl showing her mom “Mommy, look at this desk, Mommy, Mommy”. All the while I was thinking “Don’t even think about it, it’s mine!” Wow…mean aren’t I? I searched for the money-taker so that I could snatch it up before someone else did.

Then I discovered this:

It was marked $6, but I offered $5 and the offer was accepted. It definitely needs some work. It needs to be stripped and repainted. And one leg is very wobbly. It looks like someone tried to repair it and it has a screw poking through the top of the table, but I think all of that is fixable. My grandpa has done lots of stripping and staining and such, so I’m hoping to take it out there and get some pointers from him. Now, I know that my dad could help me just as well, but I want to do this with Grandpa while he still can.

Hopefully before too long I will have a “new” table to show off. I’m thinking that I might use chalkboard paint on that table, but we’ll see.