Okay, weird title. Why are they so difficult to decide?? Anyway…another long day, but good too.

School didn’t take very long today. Daniel had a spelling test and a science test and got 100% on both!

After lunch we went to see Aunt Kami and Uncle Aaron…and the new babes. The boys only got to see Presley in person since Gage is still in the NICU. She is beautiful and has lots of dark hair. Daniel was totally enamored with her feet! He was also quite impressed with her fingers, which are very long!

Isaiah loved holding her as well. It was difficult to get a good picture with them moving around and rocking the chair.

Joshua wasn’t so sure about holding her, but he said he would sit with me and hold her. He liked her tiny little feet too.

Gage is still on oxygen and antibiotic. They are treating him for pneumonia even though it is highly unlikely for him to be born with it. Kami has been able to go down and hold him a few times and they put his sis in with him and said they curled right up next to each other. This was taken with my phone…sorry it’s so small

Remember that little green table I showed you the other day? Well, I decided to start tackling that project. I have most of the green paint stripped off, although there are a few little specks here and there. I have only done the top. I still need to work a little on the underside and then the legs. The plan is to paint the top using chalkboard paint. The table is quite pretty, but when I purchased it I planned to use the chalkboard paint. It will be used by the boys and not for any decorating purposes. Yes, I’m trying to convince myself that it is ok to paint that pretty wood. I’ve had it pounded in my brain that you should NEVER paint wood…lol! Plus, the boys would be disappointed if I went back on my word. Here’s the progress so far: