We are heading down to Western Kentucky again tomorrow. I’m sure you’re all thinking “Surely, most of the packing is done if she is spending time on the computer.” Oh, how I wish I could say you are correct, however, that is not the case. I am sooooooo sleepy today. Okay, so I have been feeling quite sleepy for several weeks-these allergies meds are not my friend when it comes to making me sleepy. Anyway, instead of packing here I sit, thinking of things that need to be packed. And just to prove how sleepy I am…I am thinking of things and not even making a list. Yes, you heard me, this list-maker isn’t even making a list. I should work on that I suppose so that I don’t end up forgetting something.

Packing has become much easier and requires far less effort and time now that the boys are all getting older. I am so glad to be past the days of having to drag all that paraphenelia along every time we went somewhere. Bottles, formula, baby food, sippy cups, toys, pack-n-play and who knows what else. Now I just need to take a few toys (which are mostly for the ride in the car), clothes and pillows. But for some reason the car seems just as full as it always has. LOL!

Now, because I am so lazy today, I am going to go make some popcorn for supper. Probably have some apple slices along with it. Then I guess I better quit making excuses and really get busy with packing. Dave will be home in about an hour and will wonder what in the world I’ve been doing all day.