In my previous post I told you that Connie suggested we go to the Nashville Zoo. I was excited to go, as were the boys. Well, the young boys, not the grown-up guys. Jim was not up for the walking and Dave had some other things that he wanted to get done before we left on Sunday. So about 9 am on Saturday Connie, the boys and I headed to Nashville (just over an hour away). We were only about 10 miles from the zoo when the temp light came on in her car. We hoped to make it to the zoo, let it cool all day and then fill the coolant before leaving. Not so…we ended up stopping at a gas station and made it into the parking lot before the car died. She filled the coolant and called Jim for any other suggestions. She got the car running, and we tried to leave, but it still had the light and didn’t feel right so we pulled back into the gas station just in time to die again. We sat and waited and tried to decide what to do.

Calling our heroes to come and save us!

While trying to decide whether to go to the zoo–and how to get there–a city bus pulled up and stopped at the gas station. We saw the driver get out and Connie went to talk to him. She told him our sitution and asked if he could get us to the zoo. He said he had an empty bus and would be willing to take us to the city bus station where we could get on another bus that would take us to the zoo. So, off we went. We had the bus to ourselves for this portion of the ride and the boys thought it was pretty cool.

Then, Rodney took us to the bus station. Now, Mr. Rodney, was such a blessing. I’m sure that a bus ride doesn’t cost all that much, although I’ve never ridden one, so I really have no clue, but he charged us $1.60 for 5 of us to ride. He told us to tell the next driver the boys were 4 and 2. (I’m assuming 4 and under ride free). He takes us to the station and shows us exactly where to wait for the Blue Line bus. Once he parked his bus he walked over to us and gave us two passes to ride for free and again told us to tell the driver the boys were 4 and 2. We went to our spot and waited for a few minutes. We got to see an “accordian” bus while waiting and we all thought that was pretty interesting. You know, the really long ones that have the little accordian in the center that bends a bit when the bus is rounding corners. Here is Isaiah in the Music City bus station.

The 2nd bus arrived and we climbed on. We weren’t going to lie, so we gave the driver our passes and told her their ages and she didn’t have us pay for Daniel. Of course, the 2nd bus was quite full, but we still enjoyed the ride and explained how the bus stops worked. We finally arrived at the stop for the zoo. As Connie and I discussed this later we weren’t sure if that was a typical stop for the bus. The automated “guy” announced the intersection and then the bus driver announced that it was the zoo stop.

We climbed off the bus and began our walk to the entrance of the zoo. I think it was at least a mile to get there…

Maybe next time you will actually get to hear about our visit to the Zoo…