While on vacation we decided to take a trip to the Nashville Zoo. We made that one mile walk and finally reached the zoo entrance. The boys did a great job walking (well, Joshua got to ride in the stroller).

By the time we got inside it was time for lunch so we grabbed some food and tried to get them to eat quickly since we didn’t expect tohave much time there. Jim and Dave were on their way with our van and Jim’s truck with a trailer to tote that sad car home. We finished up our lunch and started our trek through the zoo. We warned the boys that we may not look at each animal for very long so that we could see as much as possible before Dave and Jim arrived. Just as we were about to head into Alligator Cove…

Dave called to say that it would be awhile until they got there. One of the tires on the trailers was flat so they had to drive around to find someone to get that fixed. They got that done and decided to put the van on the trailer instead of driving both cars. As he went to load the van the trailer unhitched and they realized that his dad had grabbed the wrong size ball. So…more driving around to find another ball.

In the meantime, the rest of us were enjoying a beautiful day at the zoo. Isaiah loved looking at his map and telling us where to head next.

Of course Daniel ended up doing it as well. They both did pretty well at figuring out which way to go, but we had to remind them that we were there to enjoy the animals, not just look at the maps. LOL!

At some point one of the guys called again to inform us that the OTHER tire was shredded to pieces. So, Jim went on a search for another tire. I’m not sure exactly who made the decision, but Jim ended up heading back home with the truck and trailer while Dave continued on to come rescue the rest of us.

Needless to say, we enjoyed quite a few hours at the zoo rather than the 1 or so that we expected. We ended up seeing most of the animals whlie there. And wouldn’t you know…Dave called when we were about the farthest from the entrance. So, off we went to meet up with him.

We all piled in the van and drove back to the sad car. He bought a new thermostat because this is what they suspected was wrong with the car. He changed that, still no starting that car. They tried jumping it as well, just so they wouldn’t catch any flack for not doing that.

Finally, we decided it wasn’t going to happen and we left the car there to head home. Dave had left to come rescue us sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 am and we didn’t get home until sometime after 7:00 pm! But, hey, it gave us an ADVENTURE. And what fun would life be without those little adventures?