Ever heard of a produce auction? There happens to be one about a mile down the road from my grandparents’ house.  Monica asked Val and I if we would be interested in taking a break from making applesauce to check out the auction. The plan was to find some mums and pumpkins. What fun we had!

About 10:40 we created a stopping place in our sticky applesauce making. We arrived at the auction a few minutes before it was to start a 11:00. We scoped out the produce that was there and then Val went to the office to get a number and find out how things worked. She came back with our number and explained that the auctioneer would tell how many items you are bidding on and then the bidding would be for the price of each individual item. It has been a lot of years since I have been to an auction, so it took some time to get accustomed to that process again and trying to stay on top of the bidding. We had decided on how high we were willing to go on mums and pumpkins.

There were lots of mums and pumpkins as well as other fall produce including sqash, grapes, all types of decorative pumpkins and much more.

A wagon filled with moms was pulled into one end of the building and bidding commenced. The mums were good sized and we started to bid. We ended up winning 2 lots of 8 mums at $3.50 each.  Then another wagon pulled in with boxes of pumpkins. There was a box with 30 pumpkins which was a number we could handle (some boxes had 50-70 pumpkins or more). Once again, we began bidding and won our boxes of pumpkins for $2.00 each. YAHOO! We also purchased 6 more mums and 6 asters.

We went to begin loading our mums and were shocked at just how big they were. Here are some on the wagon as we began loading. We kept going on and on about how huge they were and how wonderful that we only paid $3.50 for them!

Myself, Val and Monica with a cart of asters. Can you tell we were having fun??

Our grandparents were getting a kick of how much we bought and how excited we were about it.

Val’s grandpa was kind enough to come with his truck to get our pumpkins.  It was SUPER windy that day too. (Sorry Monica, don’t hate me for this pic..it was the best one to show off the pumpkins). 

Here is my van loaded up to go home:

(that is just two mums in the back!) I had to make a trip to Indy to take Monica the remainder of her mums and pumpkins. She didn’t have room in her car to take 5 mums and 5 pumpkins, applesauce, carseat and luggage. LOL! I was glad for an excuse to make the trip to spend more time with her and to see other friends.