Whew…all I can say is I’m enjoying the fact that 3 precious boys (yes, I still think they are precious) and sound asleep in their beds! They are precious, yes, but their actions today? NOT so precious. I can’t say how many times I heard “I NEVER get….” or “I don’t want to”. Did I ask anyone if they wanted to pick up toys? NOPE. I told them to pick them up. I’m learning that I cannot request help, I have to make it a statement-a demand, if you will.

“Could you please pick up your toys?” Hmm…that is usually met by some unwilling comment.

“Please pick up your toys.” That may still be met with an unwillingness to do so “I don’t want to.” My reply? “I didn’t ask if you wanted to, I told you it needs to be done.”

Anyway, I guess I am just blowing off some steam.

Am I ready to throw in the towel? NO WAY, NOT ON YOUR LIFE. I LOVE being a wife and mom, but not everyday is a perfect day. How can it be when there are 5 humans involed? I love those boys. I love seeing the new things they are learning. We had a good discussion during supper tonight about the difference in knowing about God and having a personal relationship with Him.

I am so grateful that I am able to stay home with these precious boys, that I can watch them grow and learn and mature. My prayer is that they will serve God with all their hearts! Days like these really don’t happen all that often around here, which makes me even more thankful that it is not the norm.

I’m thankful today is over and that we can start fresh tomorrow. I’m so thankful that God is a God of forgiveness and that his mercies are new every morning!