Fridays require naps? Why? Because these boys love to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It starts at 9 pm, which is past their usual bedtime. In order to watch, they must take a nap on Friday afternoon. Ok, so I have to admit that it is also a great way to convince them to take naps…lol!

Tonight as I lounge on my bed with 3 little boys I am also joined by quite an assortment of others who are “watching” with us.

Here’s Daniel. I thought I caught him with his finger in his mouth…working on a loose tooth.

This week started out pretty rough. The boys have improved in the last few days. It’s times like these-surrounded by boys who are fighting over who gets to sit next to me-that make up for those rough days.

Oh, another update: Joshua has not worn a diaper to bed the last 3 nights and has been dry every morning! YIPPEEE! I was thinking today that with him out of diapers that is probably saving us about $1 per day! It’s hard to believe my baby is getting so big! Now I just need to figure out a way to help Isaiah stay dry all night. Anyone have any tips on that?