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While on vacation we decided to take a trip to the Nashville Zoo. We made that one mile walk and finally reached the zoo entrance. The boys did a great job walking (well, Joshua got to ride in the stroller).

By the time we got inside it was time for lunch so we grabbed some food and tried to get them to eat quickly since we didn’t expect tohave much time there. Jim and Dave were on their way with our van and Jim’s truck with a trailer to tote that sad car home. We finished up our lunch and started our trek through the zoo. We warned the boys that we may not look at each animal for very long so that we could see as much as possible before Dave and Jim arrived. Just as we were about to head into Alligator Cove…

Dave called to say that it would be awhile until they got there. One of the tires on the trailers was flat so they had to drive around to find someone to get that fixed. They got that done and decided to put the van on the trailer instead of driving both cars. As he went to load the van the trailer unhitched and they realized that his dad had grabbed the wrong size ball. So…more driving around to find another ball.

In the meantime, the rest of us were enjoying a beautiful day at the zoo. Isaiah loved looking at his map and telling us where to head next.

Of course Daniel ended up doing it as well. They both did pretty well at figuring out which way to go, but we had to remind them that we were there to enjoy the animals, not just look at the maps. LOL!

At some point one of the guys called again to inform us that the OTHER tire was shredded to pieces. So, Jim went on a search for another tire. I’m not sure exactly who made the decision, but Jim ended up heading back home with the truck and trailer while Dave continued on to come rescue the rest of us.

Needless to say, we enjoyed quite a few hours at the zoo rather than the 1 or so that we expected. We ended up seeing most of the animals whlie there. And wouldn’t you know…Dave called when we were about the farthest from the entrance. So, off we went to meet up with him.

We all piled in the van and drove back to the sad car. He bought a new thermostat because this is what they suspected was wrong with the car. He changed that, still no starting that car. They tried jumping it as well, just so they wouldn’t catch any flack for not doing that.

Finally, we decided it wasn’t going to happen and we left the car there to head home. Dave had left to come rescue us sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 am and we didn’t get home until sometime after 7:00 pm! But, hey, it gave us an ADVENTURE. And what fun would life be without those little adventures?


Going to the Nashville Zoo

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In my previous post I told you that Connie suggested we go to the Nashville Zoo. I was excited to go, as were the boys. Well, the young boys, not the grown-up guys. Jim was not up for the walking and Dave had some other things that he wanted to get done before we left on Sunday. So about 9 am on Saturday Connie, the boys and I headed to Nashville (just over an hour away). We were only about 10 miles from the zoo when the temp light came on in her car. We hoped to make it to the zoo, let it cool all day and then fill the coolant before leaving. Not so…we ended up stopping at a gas station and made it into the parking lot before the car died. She filled the coolant and called Jim for any other suggestions. She got the car running, and we tried to leave, but it still had the light and didn’t feel right so we pulled back into the gas station just in time to die again. We sat and waited and tried to decide what to do.

Calling our heroes to come and save us!

While trying to decide whether to go to the zoo–and how to get there–a city bus pulled up and stopped at the gas station. We saw the driver get out and Connie went to talk to him. She told him our sitution and asked if he could get us to the zoo. He said he had an empty bus and would be willing to take us to the city bus station where we could get on another bus that would take us to the zoo. So, off we went. We had the bus to ourselves for this portion of the ride and the boys thought it was pretty cool.

Then, Rodney took us to the bus station. Now, Mr. Rodney, was such a blessing. I’m sure that a bus ride doesn’t cost all that much, although I’ve never ridden one, so I really have no clue, but he charged us $1.60 for 5 of us to ride. He told us to tell the next driver the boys were 4 and 2. (I’m assuming 4 and under ride free). He takes us to the station and shows us exactly where to wait for the Blue Line bus. Once he parked his bus he walked over to us and gave us two passes to ride for free and again told us to tell the driver the boys were 4 and 2. We went to our spot and waited for a few minutes. We got to see an “accordian” bus while waiting and we all thought that was pretty interesting. You know, the really long ones that have the little accordian in the center that bends a bit when the bus is rounding corners. Here is Isaiah in the Music City bus station.

The 2nd bus arrived and we climbed on. We weren’t going to lie, so we gave the driver our passes and told her their ages and she didn’t have us pay for Daniel. Of course, the 2nd bus was quite full, but we still enjoyed the ride and explained how the bus stops worked. We finally arrived at the stop for the zoo. As Connie and I discussed this later we weren’t sure if that was a typical stop for the bus. The automated “guy” announced the intersection and then the bus driver announced that it was the zoo stop.

We climbed off the bus and began our walk to the entrance of the zoo. I think it was at least a mile to get there…

Maybe next time you will actually get to hear about our visit to the Zoo…



We spent last week in KY with my in-laws. As always the week went far too quickly, but we had a great time while there. Most of Monday was spent in the car and the boys did AMAZING! We drove straight through to Indy where we had lunch and then from Indy to their house only stopping about 20 minutes from their house to get some gas. We got there, unloaded and got some supper and then Connie (mother-in-law) and I headed out to her monthly knitting group. She is teaching some ladies from work how to knit. I took jewelry supplies along and made a few things while there. Actually, two of the ladies purchased earrings from me. Yay!

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent around the house since Connie had to work both days. One evening we went into Walmart to get some things and then had supper at a local BBQ place. We “did” school while there as well. Here are Daniel and Isaiah with the chalkboard boxes that Grandpa made for them before we left. They enjoyed them in the car as well and I didn’t find quite as many writing/coloring utensils sprawled all over the seats and floor.

On Thursday Dave and I celebrated our 10th anniversary by spending the night at a hotel in Bowling Green. It was so wonderful to have a night away together. It has been a long time since we’ve done that. We didn’t do anything spectacular, but we enjoyed spending the time together. There were a few tourist-y type things we considered, but we knew most of them were things we would enjoy doing when the boys could be with us. We stayed at a Holiday Inn and it was beautiful. The rooms were all built around a gorgeous indoor courtyard that was open all the way to the top (7 floors or so). Here is the view from our balcony.

We got home late Friday afternoon and Connie asked if we would be interested in going to the Nashville Zoo on Saturday. I thought that sounded like a wonderful idea. So, we planned to leave in the morning and enjoy a day at the zoo. You’ll have to check back tomorrow to read more about our day…

#1 Boy

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Well, man really…just wanted to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the number one guy in my life. 10 years ago today Dave and I were getting ready to head down the aisle and say our “I do’s”. In some ways it seems like just yesterday and at the same time I can hardly remember not having Dave in my life. In those 10 years we have lived in 4 different places, had 3 little guys and grown closer to each other. I am blessed beyond what I could have ever imagined. How awesome to be doing the “job” I have always wanted to do…be a wife and mom. There are good days and some rough ones too, but I wouldn’t change my “job” for anything.

We are getting ready to head to Bowling Green, KY (we are already in KY visiting Dave’s parents) for a night away. We don’t have anything specific planned, except to enjoy our time together. The boys are staying at Mimi and Grandad’s house tonight. And Daniel will have a substitute teacher tomorrow. hehe!

Should be packing…

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We are heading down to Western Kentucky again tomorrow. I’m sure you’re all thinking “Surely, most of the packing is done if she is spending time on the computer.” Oh, how I wish I could say you are correct, however, that is not the case. I am sooooooo sleepy today. Okay, so I have been feeling quite sleepy for several weeks-these allergies meds are not my friend when it comes to making me sleepy. Anyway, instead of packing here I sit, thinking of things that need to be packed. And just to prove how sleepy I am…I am thinking of things and not even making a list. Yes, you heard me, this list-maker isn’t even making a list. I should work on that I suppose so that I don’t end up forgetting something.

Packing has become much easier and requires far less effort and time now that the boys are all getting older. I am so glad to be past the days of having to drag all that paraphenelia along every time we went somewhere. Bottles, formula, baby food, sippy cups, toys, pack-n-play and who knows what else. Now I just need to take a few toys (which are mostly for the ride in the car), clothes and pillows. But for some reason the car seems just as full as it always has. LOL!

Now, because I am so lazy today, I am going to go make some popcorn for supper. Probably have some apple slices along with it. Then I guess I better quit making excuses and really get busy with packing. Dave will be home in about an hour and will wonder what in the world I’ve been doing all day.

Twins and Table


Okay, weird title. Why are they so difficult to decide?? Anyway…another long day, but good too.

School didn’t take very long today. Daniel had a spelling test and a science test and got 100% on both!

After lunch we went to see Aunt Kami and Uncle Aaron…and the new babes. The boys only got to see Presley in person since Gage is still in the NICU. She is beautiful and has lots of dark hair. Daniel was totally enamored with her feet! He was also quite impressed with her fingers, which are very long!

Isaiah loved holding her as well. It was difficult to get a good picture with them moving around and rocking the chair.

Joshua wasn’t so sure about holding her, but he said he would sit with me and hold her. He liked her tiny little feet too.

Gage is still on oxygen and antibiotic. They are treating him for pneumonia even though it is highly unlikely for him to be born with it. Kami has been able to go down and hold him a few times and they put his sis in with him and said they curled right up next to each other. This was taken with my phone…sorry it’s so small

Remember that little green table I showed you the other day? Well, I decided to start tackling that project. I have most of the green paint stripped off, although there are a few little specks here and there. I have only done the top. I still need to work a little on the underside and then the legs. The plan is to paint the top using chalkboard paint. The table is quite pretty, but when I purchased it I planned to use the chalkboard paint. It will be used by the boys and not for any decorating purposes. Yes, I’m trying to convince myself that it is ok to paint that pretty wood. I’ve had it pounded in my brain that you should NEVER paint wood…lol! Plus, the boys would be disappointed if I went back on my word. Here’s the progress so far:

A Few Less Diapers

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Joshua has been wearing his undies a fair amount in the last few days. He does pretty well and is starting to realize when he needs to go. The other morning after breakfast he asked “Am I wearing a diaper?” He needed to potty, but wanted to make sure he had his diaper on.  I’m not rushing anything, but he wants to wear those undies so I’m glad to let him. I’m not sure I see the light at the end of the diaper tunnel, but a few less diapers per day is good for me!

Tonight we celebrated Isaiah’s half birthday. We had to do it since we did it for Daniel. We ate popcorn and watched Over the Hedge. He got his 4 1/2 spankings and Grma sang him half of Happy Birthday.

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